Like Tinder for roommates: The best apps & websites for finding someone to split the rent

Every season is roommate/apartment search season, amirite? And it’s always a bitch. Whether it be filling a room in your perfect apartment because your college best friend just got engaged and moved in with their finance’, or being interviewed for that dream apartment but you have a gut feeling you don’t want to be as naked as the sub-letter currently is…

How will you ever find a replacement for your bffffff who truly understands the philosophical complexities of the best reality TV show that is Big Brother AND will order Papa John’s un-ironically annnnnd not judge you when you admit that while yes, you live in the one of the greatest hubs for pizza, you still hold a torch for Papa John’s? This is just too much pressure, goddamnit!

Like, ugh. What is a Brokelynite who wants to put in minimal effort and achieve maximum results to do?! Thank god for the internet. Thank god for journalists who have narrowed down the app search for you. And finally, thank god for free Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop where you are most likely doing your apartment search. (I won’t judge you if you’re in Starbucks.) Below are a list of some of the most happenin’ and poppin’ apps/sites to help you navigate through the dark abyss I like to call NYC real estate.


It’s free. It’s easy. It’s free. (Did I mention that it’s free?) Post your budget and a few things about yourself, or swim through the many profiles of viable candidates in your area. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile for yourself or your property and Roomies will keep you updated on your potential matches so you won’t miss a beat. There’s plenty options, but be quick, your future favorite roomie could slip through your fingers with a single click. See someone you like? Message them now. You don’t want to relive your college dorm fiasco. Whoever invented random roommate assignment was an idiot.

Look, the East Village is overrated, and you fucking know it, Peter.
Look, the East Village is overrated and you fucking know it, Peter.


Symbi is a matching site for only NYC residents that does all the work for you. You set up your profile, explain what you are looking for and Symbi will reach out when you gotta match. No need to scour through endless pages of Craiglist, spend your time doing something more meaningful with your life, like volunteering or looking up coupons for Papa John’s. (The pizzas are always ½ off when the Mets win!)

Roomie Match

The best part about Roomie Match is there are actual humans reading every application, which means you don’t have to worry about sifting through the hordes of spammers/idiots that lurk on the list of Craig. They toss out the bad eggs for you. There are two options, one is free, the other is 19.95/per year. And yes, $20 bucks may seem like a lot, but paying extra gives you so much more control which quickens your search.

So many options to choose from, how will you decide?!
So many options to choose from, how will you decide?!


Similar to Symbi, Diggz allows you to step back from the hectic apartment/roommate search and even makes it feel a little fun. “Like” profiles that seem to be a good fit and if you are “liked” back you two become a match. Talk to one another through the site before giving out personal contact info, or set up a coffee date and chat while the other one hides the fact that they really need to poop.


Roomi, you had me at hello.
Roomi, you had me at “verified shared homes.”


It’s cute because they spell it with an ‘i’. (Zero sarcasm.) It’s similar to Tinder, in the sense that you can vet out potential roommates through their profiles and chat them up within the app to dip your toe into the water. (Also cause it’s orange.) There’s no “swipe right” action, but the app makes it easy to set up your profile and peruse potential roommates during your commute from hell. Thanks, Cuomo.


Okay, this isn’t exactly an app, but I love the idea of speed dating for roommates. It sounds so romantic! If you are one of the few people out there that actually like to talk to the strangers you are about to dwell with, this is perfect for you. Sadly, there is no buzzer to cut conversations off and move to another potential (room) mate. But there is no cover charge to get into the event and you can meet a crap ton of people at once. A crap ton of people who will have pictures and deets of their available rooms on their phones, might I add.


Bang out the roommate process with, Bang It Out!
Bang out the roommate process with, Bang It Out!

Bang It Out

Want to keep your living situation completely kosher? Then Bang It Out is the perfect site for you. The site not only has a plethora of kosher apartment listings for your neighborhood of choice it is also very easy to find kosher restaurants, events and more! And it’s our favorite thing: free!

Rainbow Roommates

If you didn’t already guess in the name, Rainbow Roommates, is geared toward helping LGTBQ and gay friendly roommates find each other. Yes, you do have to pay. Yes, it’s definitely more expensive than Brokelyn normally recommends (like way more… $75 for a month), but the founder personally vets each application, so there is a real personal touch in the search for a roommate and/or room. Plus, if you end up hating your roommate within two months, they will give you a free month to help look for the perfect fit!



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