Winter storm bone us: The best of Jonas hookup ads from Craigslist

This could be you, but you playing. Image via ABC News
This could be you, but you playing. Image via ABC News

We know that we are, in fact, in the middle of cuffing season, that special time of year where you find a special someone to spend time with you and keep you warm when your heat is off. Some of us don’t always find someone when cuffing season commences, so with the blizzard coming in the next couple of days, it’s brought new life to the online dating scene, especially in Brooklyn. People are pouring their hearts out on Craigslist, trying to find someone who will fulfill their fantasies in person, rather than on the Internet. We found the best (worst?)  of them so far, in case you don’t want to wait out the blizzard alone. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 3.20.49 PMSome Russians who suggest an … uh …  alternative to the storm 

A Brooklyn Italian wants to “enjoy the passion of sex”

Watch a movie in Windsor Terrace (sock-wearers preferred)

Unclear if innuendo or actually in need of help with chores?

This man is unaware of the impending road conditions

One word: frum.

But what about Amazon Prime though.
But what about Amazon Prime though.

A Jersey City man who wants to Netflix and “chill

Of course, be careful not to confuse blizzard buddies with people looking for that other kind of “snow” on Craigslist.

Check out DNAinfo for more snow-bunny seekers across the city too.

Chris Inoa and Sam Corbin contributed to this v. important report. 

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