Behold: a new $85 Brooklyn t-shirt, via Paris

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Would you pay $85 for a Brooklyn t-shirt? Do you live here? Our friends over at Racked/NY alerted us to this haute new t-shirt collabo from two French guys that’s selling for $85 at Opening Ceremony, a snazzola Manhattan boutique where models and other fancies like to shop. The t-shirts come with two extremely clever embroidery choices: “Williamsburg” or “Brooklyn.” Being Brokelyn, we’re contractually bound to dump on any and all $85 t-shirts, and this one is kind of an easy kill. First of all, it was designed by two French guys who have the Charles De Gaulle to call their label Brooklyn We Go Hard, and peddle this kind of BS about themselves: “somewhere in between Jay-Z’s Brooklyn and Jean-Luc Godard’s Paris is BWGH, the French label started by friends David Obadia and Nelson Hassan…” Bien sur, the midpoint between Brooklyn and Paris is exactly where these doofy imposters belong. Since when does everybody and anybody get to rep Brooklyn regardless of where they live? (We’re talking about you, too, babies in Minnesota.) Point #2: The design consists of a word embroidered in a twee little font. OK, so maybe that is kind of Brooklyn. Point #3: This t-shirt has cuffs. Cuffs! Is that a thing in Paris? It hasn’t been a thing in Brooklyn since our Saved by the Bell fan club days, and we’re OK with that. Then there’s the peculiar matter of the Williamsburg shirt (below). It’s a bit tone deaf, non? Enough said. Finally, these t-shirts are $85. Did we mention that? Why buy some Paris dudes’ idea of a cool Brooklyn shirt when you can buy a Brooklyn person’s idea of a cool Brooklyn t-shirt? Actually you can buy five of ’em, and keep the change.




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  1. If one wanted to D-I-Y themselves a single t-shirt (ie, economy of scale = 0), it would cost less than $85.

    I wish I knew how to sell a t-shirt to a boutique (and or Brooklyn Flea vendor) for anything more than $10 with a straight face.

  2. Incredibly lame. Pretty sure I could come up with a much more awesome Brooklyn shirt and sell it for a third of the price!

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