Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO

Bars We Love: On the Waterfront Alehouse, a real contender


Waterfront Ale House
155 Atlantic Ave (Between Henry and Clinton Street)
Brooklyn Heights
(718) 522-3794

What is it: An unassuming saloon with an ordinary exterior but a series of surprises in the food and beer selection.

Why we love it: The Brooklyn Heights location draws upon its 20-year history to please whoever walks in the door, be it a pub fare seeking crowd or an upscale Brooklyn couple stealing a night away from the kids.

Who to bring: Friends who are used to Manhattan pubs, visiting family members or anyone who likes their bars comfortable without being too divey.

What to order: The ale battered chicken fingers are $6.95, but don’t let the bar vibe fool you–with an owner who was classically trained at the Culinary Institute of America, the menu is far from ordinary and uses only the finest ingredients.

Waterfront Ale House fun fact: Waterfront has a sister location in Midtown Manhattan.

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