Bar Guide 2015

Bars we love: Get hooked at Tamaqua Bar and Grill!

Photo by Madelyn Owens
Photo by Madelyn Owens

Tamaqua Bar and Grill
84 Ebony Court
(Between Channel and Bijou Avenues)
Gerritsen Beach


What it is: Family-owned bar and grill overlooking the Tamaqua Marina in the quiet community of Gerritsen Beach.

Why we love it: Having a beer and looking out at boats on the water, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon Brooklyn’s hidden fishing village. The 3rd generation family business, first opened in the 1930’s, is run by the five Sarubbi brothers who inherited it when their father passed in 2001. The bar functions as a community center, hosting fundraisers for residents in need, not to mention annual parties for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s. A great area to explore on bike.

What to order: A pint from more than 10 domestic and international taps.

Regular tip: At the marina, you can rent out a fishing boat for a daily charter (inquire at the bar).

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