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Bars We Love: Switch styles at Erv’s on Beekman

Photo by Katherine Packer
Photo by Katherine Packer

Erv’s on Beekman
2122 Beekman Pl.,  Prospect-Lefferts Gardens
(916) 936-2122

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What it is: By day Erv’s is a cute little coffee shop where you can get your early morning, or late afternoon pick me up. At night, it transforms into a cocktail bar where you can wash away the hours before your first sip of fruity alcoholic goodness.

Why we love it: Usually we complain about a space where only a handful of people can fit inside. However, the small size (300 sq ft.) of Erv’s is part of its appeal. Plus even though the place is small, the options are not. During the day you can pick up your cup of coffee and grab yourself snack as the shop is always stacked with cookies and small cakes from local bakeries.  When you hit the bar in the evening you have your choice of not one, not two, not 10, but 21 different cocktails. With so many options it may be hard to choose, but the bartenders can quickly figure out which cocktail is the right fit for your tastebuds.

Who to bring: Because of it’s intimate spacing, you can bring along that one friend you have been meaning to catch up with, or the friend you need when you don’t want to talk about yourself: a book. The small crowd and non-deafening music means you don’t have to worry about your conversations or thoughts getting drowned out.

What to order: Rambo’s Revenge. That has to be the most badass cocktail name we’ve even seen.

Quick Tip: From Wednesday to Saturday you can pick up $2 tamales from the cart parked right outside the bar.  

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