Bar Guide 2015

Bars We Love: Broc the vote at No. 7!


No. 7, 7 Greene Ave. (Fulton St. and Greene Ave.), Fort Greene, (718) 522-6370

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What it is: A European-style watering halle and restaurant with a rotating seasonal food menu and a reliable tap list.

Why we love it: No. 7 is that place you’ll go to because you know what you like but are itching to try new things. Combining old favorites on a drink menu with new eats on the food menu, it’s easily the most reliable date spot in Fort Greene. Somehow combines affordability with a chic atmosphere, and still leaves pretension at the door. If you’re going there stag, you won’t be alone: during the early evening hours, the bar’s just quietly buzzing with pre-show attendees and neighborhood folks. It’s right off the trains, too!  Get buzzed and skip-step over to Atlantic Terminal for the night’s activities, or just take any number of the nearby bus lines home for an early night.

What to order: Chelsea Brewing’s Checkered Cab Kolsch with a side of double decker broccoli tacos, which are $4 at happy hour 5pm-7:30pm. Might seem steep for a taco, but they’re mammoth-sized—not to mention a feat of “New American” fusion cuisine. One is just enough, and two’ll fill you right up.  

Regular tip: The bar is closed on Mondays. As tempting as it may be to kick off your week with a taco date, don’t get caught suggesting it as a meeting venue; you’ll show up only to find the windows shuttered. (It’s happened to me too many times not to throw the caveat out there.)


  1. I like this bar, but they really need to do something about the kitchen ventilation. It’s an open setup, and the entire place (bar and restaurant) reeks of cooking oil.

    • Katherine

      Hey Mike!!
      We were finally able to fix the issue with our ventilation. We have a brand new mushroom, hood and fans so we are smelling fresh and lovely again.
      Katherine (No. 7)

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