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Bar of the week: Refill at DUMBO’s reBar

This is the 22nd in our series on the venues featured in the second Brooklyn Beer Book. This week the spotlight is on reBar, the DUMBO pub with a love of reclaimed materials of all kinds.


147 Front St., DUMBO

What it is: Not your grandfather’s “gastropub” (where, depending on the day, you might be able to get blue cheese with your hamburger). No, grandfather, this is the real deal – with apple fennel mango slaw (for the slaw enthusiasts), ostrich (for the goofy bird lovers out there), and a lovingly curated beer list to match an incredible selection of European wines.

Why we love it: Although the menu changes with the seasons, the atmosphere, like San Diego, stays classy. It’s dark, it’s handsome, and everything is delicious — so if you play your cards right you can eat like a king, drink like a soldier and pay like a yeoman.

Who to bring: There really is something for almost everyone: an amazing burger for your predictable old grandfather and small plates for your more adventurous friends; quiet corners for dates and a bustling bar scene for friends and singles; an art gallery on the first floor and business offices adjacent; and, of course, (the coup de grace) a fully equipped bar – with food – to supplement the technologically advanced movie theater in the back.

What to order: Unless you really know your American microbrews and fine Belgian beers, ask the bartender to help you out. ReBar has 15 beers on tap, and the bartenders are very willing to let you sample a few before making up your mind. At lunch, $8 will get you a chicken and brie sandwich, your choice of fries, slaw, or salad.

reBar Fun Fact: There’s a story behind a lot of the interior elements, but it’s hard not to love the Gastropub’s theater seating, created with 60 reclaimed car seats. A less fun fact to bear in mind is that reBar is often closed on weekends for weddings and special events, so check their calendar before you go.

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