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Ball for less with a 40/40 Club table service Groupon

40 40 club
Don’t be like these plebes, roll in with your table service Groupon and live large. via Facebook

Despite the fact that you’re a habitual reader of Brokelyn, you still might harbor a hunger for the finer things in life. You may have heard Jay-Z rap “At the 40/40 Club ESPN on the screen” in “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and sat back wondering when the day would come that you could get some damn table service and live like Hov for a day. Well, that day has come, at least if you want to snag a 40/40 Club Groupon. Which, maybe don’t brag about ballin’ too loudly, considering you’re doing it at over 50% off.

The 40/40 Club Groupon, which remains a funny idea no matter how many times we say it, can either get you a meal and drink deal for two or four at its cheapest level. The meal for two gets you four cocktails, two entrees, one appetizer and one desert for $62 instead of $143, while the meal for four doubles all of those for $94 instead of $286. Of course, if you’re gonna be a budget baller, you should leave those piddling offers to the tourists going to the 40/40 Club like it’s the Oliver Garden. After all, don’t you want bottle service?

You can get it, and you can get it for almost half the price that you usually would have to pay for it. For $270, you can get a bottle and an appetizer platter for 10 people, which would usually run you $440. Do savings like that leave you with enough money to rain down $1 bills on the plebes sitting around you who aren’t getting bottle service? Hell no they don’t, but you should still do it with Monopoly money, just to let them know what’s up.

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