Auction-block special: a lighthouse for $10K

Latimer Reef Lighthouse
Latimer Reef Lighthouse

It’s not often we get to bring you a chance to buy your own island for $10,000, but if this doesn’t count as living really big on small… ish change, we want to know what does. The U.S. government, in a last-ditch effort to rid itself of some obsolete, money-sinkholes-of-properties, has put three working NY-area lighthouses up for auction. The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. tried to give away the structures, all built between 1884 and 1901, to NY State, local governments and non-profits, but that there were no takers. Now the nautical beacons are up for grabs, and all it takes is a few grand to be able to start every conversation with “I have a lighthouse. How are you?”

Only one of the three, the Latimer Reef Lighthouse in Fisher’s Island Sound off Long Island, has even received a bid (for $10K). The other two, off of Staten Island, are still languishing at a big goose-egg. Granted, there’s a $5,000 minimum bid increment for each, so you can’t expect to swoop in with $17 and take home the deed. But, still, there are lighthouse paintings that cost more.

One possible catch: As these are still functioning lighthouses, you will have to hand over a set of keys to your neighborhood Coast Guard (so they can change the lightbulbs and all). And if you want to turn your real estate into a luxury dwelling, that’ll cost a bit extra too. Unless you’re like these guys, of course, in which case a rowboat and sleeping bag should do the trick.

Check out the listings (and place your bid!) here.

via The Wall Street Journal

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