Artists: Get $700/month studios in DUMBO

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If this was your studio space, your art would be home by now. via Two Trees

If you know the name “Two Trees,” you probably know them as either the developer for the Domino Sugar Factory or as the real estate company that basically owns all of DUMBO. Rather than be Galactus-like world eaters all the time though, Two Treees does reach out and support the arts, and are now taking applications for well below market rate rents for artists in some of the DUMBO properties they own.

The Cultural Space Subsidy Program lets artists get 3-year leases in studio ranging from 700 square foot spaces to 2400 square foot spaces that Two Trees owns for just $12/foot, as opposed to the usual $40/foot that space goes for in DUMBO. That comes out to rents from $700/month to $2400/month, for space that would usually go for $2333/month to $8000/month. “Holy moly,” you’re thinking, “I can art so much if I get studio space that cheap.” Of course, they’re not just gonna give this space to any Warhol in their own mind.

As the FAQ for the program explains, you can’t just be an artist. Two Trees is looking for artists who provide “community engagement” and “societal impact,” with preference given to non-profits arts and art education organizations. Still, they’ll take solo artists as long as they’ve got a history of community involvement. We know, we know, you’re dark and brooding and stuff, but they want artists who are willing to make public installations, hold workshops or other events. Anyway, there’s no reason your giant pulsing heart with giant cigarette butt stubbed out in it can’t be public art, especially when you made it in a studio so cheap you were actually able to eat three meals per day sometimes.

If you want in on a lease in 2015, you’ve got until July 31 to get your application in, after which, it’s a lot of nail biting until October 15 to find out if you got a lease. Good luck.

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