Are toy stores open on Christmas? Yep, in Hasidic Brooklyn

Merry Christmas! It's Matzoh Ball bingo.
You don't have to be Jewish to love Matzoh Ball bingo. Okay, maybe you do.

Didn’t have enough time to shop for Christmas? We’re not here to judge, but to steer you toward a secret for ultra-super-last-minute shopping: Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, where Dec. 25 is just another day. Here’s a little list of toy stores whose gates won’t be shuttered come Friday. You won’t find the cheapest prices, nor the latest in Bakugan or Twilight paraphernalia—there’s not much of the as-seen-on-TV variety in these places. But between the wooden challahs and Hebrew letter sets, you’re bound to find something sufficiently non-religious to be at home under a tree. But watch out for early closing times—they finish early for the sabbath.

Totally Toys
1435 Coney Island Ave. (Avenue K), Midwood
Hours: 10 – 2

Toys 4 U
232 Lee Ave. (Middleton St.), Williamsburg
Hours: 11 – 2:30

Linick’s Toys
4811 13th Ave. (48th Street), Borough Park
Hours: 10 – 1:30

Lucky Toys
4911 12th Ave. (49th Street), Borough Park,
Hours: 10 – 2:00

4204 12th Ave. (42nd Street), Borough Park
Hours: 11 – 2


  1. Also perfect for getting model school buses with Yiddish on them. Then you can park them on your model street from which you’ve removed the bike lane.

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