Apartment Hunt: ‘Deep and Cheap’ Edition


Hey guys, did you forget? Your year-long lease is up at the end of this month, because you’re still on college time. Don’t worry, Brokelyn’s gotcha covered. This week’s apartment steals feature prices that might actually make you feel like you’re still in college, except the hot plate is a luxury gas stove and you (usually) can’t hear your roommate having sex next door. Ready? Here they are.

So holy Jesus, let’s start off with this no-fee loft-style 3-bedroom brownstone apartment in Bed-Stuy/what will probably soon be called “South South Williamsburg”. It’s pre-war, your pets are allowed, and no one will know that you actually mean the J train when you say you live off the Lorimer stop. The Montrose L is also close by, though. Luxury runs you a mere $2,600, guys—this one’s not going to last the week. Sorry, did I say no-fee yet? RENT IT.



Next on the docket is this true 3-bedroom apartment in Ocean Hill for a paltry sum of $1,900. That means each roommate pays under $650. You can finally invest in that skateboard! The unit also features a separate living room AND dining room, hardwood floors throughout, and a short walk to our favorite train line at Ralph Av. Parking is ‘possibly available’ (probably depending on how much you try to haggle down the price of the place), and it’s only two stops from the changeover at Broadway Junction for the J, L and the ghost of the Z train.



Oh hey there, you big 3-bedroom 2-bathroom unit off the Halsey J with an additional living room and walk-in closets. We like you. But seriously folks, we’d be surprised if you turned down this $2,100/month steal where the additional couple hundred bucks means that you can take as long as you damned want in the shower. It’s not far from the last apartment, either. So if you tell your friends about this post and you each take one, you can be neighbors!



Okay, everybody with a king-sized bed just calm the fuck down. Yes, your mattress will fit in a room of this huge pre-war 2-bedroom apartment in the brownstone-peppered Prospect-Lefferts, renting at $1,950. Lots of photos on this listing to delight and astound. The kitchen even has a built-in microwave! While the price of this unit might seem a little steep for some, we really gotta give these guys thumbs up for stating that ‘ownership values every tenant and addresses any concerns immediately’, since that’s a rare gem of a landlord if it’s actually true.  Off the Parkside Q and the Winthrop 2/5. And you know what that means: Prospect Park whenever you want it, right next door.



A little farther north at the border between Prospect-Lefferts and Crown Heights, we’ve got this sweet 4-bedroom at $2,500. The listing makes a point of reassuring you that even though the living room is ‘huge’, ‘the bedrooms are nice size also’. Pre-war, your pets are allowed. And we don’t know about you, but this kitchen reminds us of, like, an actual home. Make it yours today: off the Sterling 2/5.


Last up is a place in reliable ol’ Bed-Stuy, which has been consistently pumping out awesome rentals like this killer no-fee 4-bedrooom, 1.5-bathroom apartment for $3,250. Exposed brick galore, recessed bay windows, laundry in unit, and a pre-war building in a location that will make any Brooklynite’s heart swoon (i.e. my neighborhood). Off the Kingston-Throop C train, but it’s not much farther to the express A/C at Nostrand. Get ‘er done.

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