Apartment hunt: pet-friendly Clinton Hill, homey 1BR, lots of light in Greenwood Heights

Winter is a time to stay inside. Check out some of the best Brokelyn Real Estate listings right now to find your winter hibernation station. Up first, a taste of home in Greenpoint. Sure, no matter what you do, your apartment never feels as homey as mom’s house, but head to Diamond St., a peaceful, quiet block in Greenpoint, and feel like you’re Upstate, far away from the rough and tumble city lifestyle. This 1BR for $1850 Diamond St. includes heat, hot water, and even electricity. Snuggle up and bake cookies during the holidays with your boyfriend (or whatever) and then wash all the dirty batter bowls in your DISHWASHER!

• Listen, S.A.D. won’t even be able to TOUCH you in this sunny apartment with ten windows. The 2BR for $2450 located two blocks from the R train in Greenwood Heights (sorta near Prospect Park) has laundry in the building and an option to sign a multiple year lease. What we’re saying is you could potentially not leave the house for YEARS!


• This South Slope 2BR gets a ton of light and has a view of Manhattan from one of the bedrooms. You know what that means, right? That’s right, you can moon Manhattan every day or night when you wake up or go to bed. And you’ll be doing it from the privacy of your own home! Sounds like a good deal for $1,905 a month.


This 1.5 bedroom in Clinton Hill for $1600 has the standard stuff that a desirable apartment has, like new wood floors and stainless steel appliances. Even better though? It’s pet-friendly, which means you won’t have to hide your cats from your landlord, like I do. Oh that meowing pile of clothes? Um, just a Christmas present for my nephew. So if you and your best friend each have a cat, they can become cat best friends and you can all hang out inside together until spring comes.


•The listing for this $1,395 1 bedroom in Sunset Park mentions that the apartment has a foyer. A foyer! Who has anything in Brooklyn outside of the basic living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom thing? And in addition to being near Sunset Park itself and being newly renovated, you can tell people, “Step into the foyer” or “Hang your coat in the foyer” or just, “Hey guys, I’ve got a foyer!”

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