Apartment hunt: Sunset Park with a country view, mucho snazzy Bed-Stuy, new reno in Bushwick

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• At $1,900, this place is not the cheapest 2Br in Sunset Park — we’ve got a whole bunch of new listings over there right now including a very cute 1BR — but holy tripe tacos, check out the park view in this renovated floor-through with our next favorite thing, an open kitchen. Pretty sure there’s a horse and buggy parked next to that weeping willow. 


3BR in Bed-Stuy, $1,650

 • We’ve been wanting to see the inside of 879 Dekalb for a while, and from the looks of things it’s pretty spiffy. All new everything (which means a blissfully spooge-free bathroom), close to the G and JMZ and other stuff. So how exactly is it $1,650 for all of these 3BR listings? Here’s how: the listing says that “net rents” are advertised, which means you’ll also have to pay utilities. Oh, screw utilities anyway.


2BR apartment in Bushwick, $1,550

• In a world of $4,000 1BRs (we have those too if you’re interested) any 2BR under $2,000 catches our eye. This one is $1,550, and it’s a new renovation in Bushwick with an eat-in kitchen and shared patio. Coordinates include the Dekalb L, the Central Ave. M, the Morgan Avenue stripi and Myrtle & Broadway. (Bushwick cartographers, does that add up?)



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