Apartment hunt: plenty of room in Bushwick, Crown Heights and Greenpoint

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Now is the time to pursue the housing situation of your dreams, but that being said, we still ain’t made of money out here. And unless HBO is gonna pay our rent, we’re gonna have to do it on the cheap.

  • This 4 BR in Greenpoint goes for $3,400 and is 5 blocks away from the Nassau G. Despite the bedrooms all being boxed, the realtor assures us there are windows and closets in each of them. Heat included in the rent, and pets are welcome.

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  • Usually spaces that list a varying number of bedrooms tend to be a bit suspicious, but with this Bushwick apartment priced at $1,700 with no fee, it doesn’t sound hard to make 2-3 bedrooms work. Maybe they really are all normal-sized bedrooms, or maybe the third one is a glorified closet. Even then, maybe your cat needs a bedroom (pets are OK!). No matter what, though, it’s a 2+ bedroom apartment for the price of a regular 2 bedroom place, with a full closet in each room. The place also has a private balcony and central air, so make that investment now, and get ready to enjoy a cool, comfortable summer.


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  • This 2 BR Bushwick apartment for $1700 is a solid spot to start something new. Located on a quiet block near the Central Ave. M or the Kosciuszko J, this pet-friendly building boasts a private balcony, new bathroom fixtures, and “modern interiors,” whatever that means. The new tenants of this apartment will also enjoy a “late model” washer and dryer, which – unless it’s a washboard and a tin bucket – is presumably way preferable to dragging your laundry through the cold for the rest of the winter.


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  •  This Crown Heights 3 BR seems to have a ton of space as well as a whole bunch of natural light for the almost suspiciously low price of $1,800. The bedrooms are carpeted, but the rest of the apartment is hardwood. The realtor notes that the space is only a few blocks from the “beautiful Eastern Parkway,” which seems like a bit of a stretch, but you can’t deny the convenience of having easy access to the 3, 4, and 5 trains.

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  1. aulistar

    Believe it or not $1,800 for a 3 BR in crown heights isn’t that suspicious unless your dealing with a property from MySpace Reality (I really…miss my $1550/month 3 BR I use to live in Crown Heights).

    Also who’s paying potentially $850 a month to live with 3 other people 5 blocks away from the G train, just to live near Williamsburg… that’s cray.

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