Apartment Hunt: Cozy in Crown Heights, Ditmas Park


Okay, so you may be having some reservations about choosing a neighborhood to live in now that you know there’s a science to it. We get it! Moving isn’t just about the apartment; it’s also about everything that surrounds you when you step outside your front door. Well, most of this week’s apartments will surround you with either Crown Heights or Ditmas Park, as well as a couple spots in Sunset Park and Bed-Stuy. Everything’s three bedrooms or more, since the two-bedroom price creep has left us without anything we could viably call “cheap.”

This Flatbush/Ditmas has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for just $3,000. So if you can actually stand to share space with four other humans, you guys’ll only have to pay $600 apiece! You could also split it up a little differently, since 4 of the 5 bedrooms are queen-sized and one gets the shaft at a mere full-size. Wah, wah. Speaking of shafts, it’s an elevator building. Laundry room, hardwood and plenty renovations, and pets are allowed. Sweet deal! Off the Church Av 2/5.



Same price, more privacy: this Bed-Stuy apartment is $3,000 for 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms—still makes the price cut by our standards. Looks dishwasher-equipped, hardwood-floored and plenty well-lit. Decorative fireplace and exposed brick; a place you’d be proud to show the family and say, “Look! I’m independent!” as your myriad roomies walk by without pants on. Off the Utica A/C or the Kosciuzko J.



This no-fee $2,575 apartment in Crown Heights has a nice little common area in the kitchen, as pictured above. Rooms look boxy and close-knit, so you’ll want to lay off the Metallica vinyls/impromptu sleepovers at this spot. The whole building is only two units; but while the listing assures you that you won’t have to worry about “upstairs neighbors making any noise,” it leaves out the part where you’re the one making the noise and your downstairs neighbors hate you. Off the Utica Av 3/4/5.



So you wanna be even more independent, huh? Cost creeps up as we get into our 3-bedrooms, like with this Crown Heights spot listed at $2,400. But the price makes for a pretty picture: head down a long hallway to one of three queen-sized bedrooms, or your fancy separate living room. Voice intercom, so you can screen potential houseguests! Right off the Kingston 3 train.



So you wanna live in Sunset Park? This prewar 3-bedroom for $2,400 is so new that it’s still covered in authentic blue laminate! That’s right, IKEA showroom comfort can be yours, with full-sized bedrooms that can apparently be queen-sized if you have a “more modern frame,” i.e. no frame at all. Dishwasher and pets. But don’t put your pets in the dishwasher. Off the 9th Av. D train, or the 45th St. R.



Last up, for the spendthrift threebies, this 3-bedroom in Flatbush-Ditmas is only $2,150! It has one king-sized bedroom and two queen-sized bedrooms. Huh, wonder whether this is the historical site of 15th-century HBO series Big Love. Also has laundry in building, an onsite super and an elevator to ride up and down all the day long to terrorize your neighbors. Off the Church Av. B/Q.

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