Apartment hunt: 5 nice Brooklyn places to check out

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Today’s edition of awesome, mostly cheap apartments begins in Kensington, described as “trendy” in this listing for a 2BR for $1,650. Maybe they’re thinking of the one in London? You won’t find picklebacks or J. Crew stores catering to the area’s Eastern Europeans, Orthodox Jews and young families, but for this price you can walk to Cortelyou Road for all the quadruple-malt whiskey tastings and pasturesmithed cheese you need. So what other treasures have we unearthed from our latest apartment search? 

3BR in Bed-Stuy for $1,475

• Three recently renovated bedrooms, Bed-Stuy. Windows in every room, two blocks from A train, new carpet (which is good, cause old carpet is gross.) All this for $1,475? Plus, brand new appliances (dishwasher!) and room for a small table with chairs in the kitchen. You and your two roommates might have to take turn sitting in them, but still…


• Here’s a newly renovated 1.5BR in Windsor Terrace for $1,900, at the F train at 15th Street, which means Prospect Park is nearby. Not sure exactly what is meant here by a .5 bedroom, but we’re assuming it’s a good place for a kid, a bike, a home office. Or all three.


• Normally, $2,350 2BR apartments don’t make our deals roundup, but… Park Slope. Doesn’t look huge, but… Park Slope. Plus… Park Slope!


• Here’s a 4BR in Bushwick for $2,500, coming in at a brokester-friendly $625 a month per person. Can’t tell much about the layout from the photos, but the red stripe seems a smart way to turn a potentially klunky mantle into a design moment.


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