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Anybody out there want a free electric pallet jack?

electric pallet jack
Could be useful

We’ve all been there: You’ve got a pallet full of something or other that’s been dropped off in front of your apartment, when you suddenly remember that you don’t actually own a pallet jack. Not even a manual one! You could take each individual box off the pallet, but you really want to just get it inside and get it over with. Well, if you were a little smarter, you could have already have gone down to Sunset Park and picked up this free electric pallet jack that needs a good home.

You might be thinking that you’re the kind of person who never has a use for a pallet jack. Well consider this: this electric pallet jack could be your ticket to hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars of free food. The Trader Joe’s on Court Street for instance, does all of their loading and unloading right there on the sidewalk on Atlantic Avenue. Pallets of food just waiting to be slowly walked away.

Or even bales of cardboard. Back when half of Brokelyn worked at that store, some men drove up in a pickup truck one day, lifted a giant bale of cardboard from the pallet it rested on and drove away with it in the back of their pickup. Apparently those things are worth some money. You don’t have a pickup truck and your friends probably don’t work out. But you could have an electric pallet jack if you show some initiative.

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