Another sweet job alert! Future Perfect store manager

It’s this kind of a store.

And here’s yet another fine opportunity from the offices of Brokelyn Executive Recruiting Inc: The Future Perfect in Williamsburg is looking for a full-time store manager. Do you know this place? This cleverly curated home design shop is where your humble bloggerist would blow her fortune on stuff like this if Google bought Brokelyn LLC. Working there must be the next best thing to owning a Three Sixty Table, but beware that your customers can actually afford their own and you must not hate them for it. Here are the other job requirements:

The right person will have an entrepreneurial spirt and be comfortable approaching customers, imagining new and creative ways to promote and present the store, and leading a small team of sales associates to raise monthly sales. We’re looking for someone with a background in art or design, experience in retail or sales, merchandising (or a desire to learn) and a keen eye for design and aesthetics. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

More info in our very own Brokester Exchange, and remember in your cover letter that the official name is The Future Perfect. Those are the details that separate the Philips cabinets from the Billy bookshelves.

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