A Valentine’s Day ode to The Heads of State

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From the moment we spotted them across the coffee table on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine, we knew our destiny lay with The Heads of State, the graphic-design duo of Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers. At the time—just over a year ago—Brokelyn was just a URL we’d purchased from a guy in Williamsburg and a rough idea for a web magazine.

The Heads of State had created a series of reinvented WPA-style posters for the Times’ inaugural piece on the Obama agenda. The illustrations were nostalgic yet modern, beautiful yet cerebral, elegant in their graphic simplicity. They also had a distinct visual sense of humor, something that we thought could only help a blog about living well in tough times.

Unbelievably to us, Jason agreed to 1) coffee and 2) design our logo, even though an as-yet-unpublished Brooklyn web mag was hardly in a league with the team’s usual clients: Starbucks, Wilco, The New York Yorker, financially and otherwise. While readers of Brokelyn now know The Heads of State’s brand-identity work from our logo and the recent Beer Book, there’s so much more worth checking out: from their experimental “legalized” pot packaging for Print Magazine (below) to their posters for seemingly every major musical act that blows through Philadelphia (where Jason and Dusty have since relocated): Interpol, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, etc. etc. etc.

We could go on for days about how talented and professional these guys are—and what a pleasure it is to work with artists who elevate your ideas in so many unimagined ways—but we’ll let their designs do the talking. They say it better anyway. Thanks, guys.

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