An Etsy stenciling party, for your semi-homemade gifts

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Put away those grade-school workbooks: These are for-real stencils.

The holiday season is here and the pressure to come up with creative, original gifts can be overwhelming, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Luckily you can create an original, homemade gift while blowing off holiday stress at Stencil 201, a crafting workshop presented by powerHouse Arena and Etsy. Spend the night learning stenciling techniques — yes, there are techniques to stenciling — under the instruction of stenciling pro Ed Roth.You can bring a T-shirt, tote bag or anything else you would like to embellish with an original DIY design and you’ve got a semi-handmade gift! The event is Nov. 28 in celebration of Roth’s new book Stencil 201, and will feature 25 original stencil designs, with drinks and stenciled cookies provided by Sumner and Company.

While the event is free, canvass pieces and totes will be available for purchase at the event. Have fun learning a new skill and creating a unique new piece that will make a great gift for someone special, or simply keep it for yourself and revel in the knowledge that your cool new shirt or bag is one of a kind.

Stencil 201, Nov. 28, 7pm, The powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Dumbo.

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