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Amazon Local deal will let you make your own wine at home, for less

This could be you! Every day!
This could be you! Every day!

We’ve all been there: you walk into a wine shop not really sure of what you get, you just know you don’t want to get the wrong thing. Paralyzed by choice, you panic and just buy wine-flavored product and then everyone at the cheese party hates you. Well, buck up, because soon they’ll be drinking from the wine you made in your apartment. No, not prison wine, actual fancy wine that you can make with this half-price home wine-making kit.

Your friends might be up on brewing their own beer, but you, you’re more about that #winelife. You’re also about that #payingtherentontimelife, so while usually a make-your-own-wine kit would run you $175, you can get it for $85. You get three pounds of grapes, a fermenter and some wine bottles, so even if you totally screw up the wine, at least you can use the bottles as candleholders or something?

With the kit, you can make three bottles of wine, although if you’re like us, that will only wind up lasting you around two days. Still, you’ll have the fermenter around, which means you can make more. Once you run out of grapes, you can even buy more grapes online, so you’ll never have to leave the house again. Everybody wins!

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