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Amazon’s CD trade-in will erase your embarrassing musical past, for small store credit

Pieces of your past. Illustration by Sarah Bibi.
Amazon loves Jewel! So much so, that the site is dying to buy your Pieces of You CD. Remember CDs, guys?! As part of its Amazon Trade-In Program, the site will pay a whopping $2 or $3 in store credit per gently-used CD, depending on its condition, which may or may not be better than you could get at a stoop sale. But who can really put a price on avoidance of embarrassing incidents? Just when you thought you couldn’t invite that cute bartender over because he might see your old copy of Tubthumper that even your mother refused to keep in her house so it moved with you to Brooklyn, there’s light at the end of the long-winded tunnel. So if you feel like doing a lot of work for very little payoff (in true Brokelyn style), this might be the program for you. For more info on whether your CDs make the cut, or to trade other unwanted books, video games and DVDs, start searching Amazon’s Trade-In page, and then feel a bit better about that drunk online shopping you do at 3am.

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