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Adopt an adorable bodega cat of your very own!

bodega cat
This cat comes fully-loaded with a particular set of skills

Fact: Even people who hate cats love bodega cats. After all, they’re the last line of defense between mice and those chips you drunkenly buy on the way home every day that you swear you’re gonna stop eating. Since they’ve done so much for you, take this chance to give back to the bodega cats in our lives by giving the one pictured above a loving home.

The bodega cat, named Bell, is losing her home in Canarsie because the lousy government says its a health violation for the new owner of her bodega to both have a cat and serve hot food. John Catsimatidis would never have let this happen. Anyway, the important things to know about Bell is that she’s six years old, spayed, doesn’t have FIV, and presumably since she was kept around for rodent control, is a goddamn stone cold killer. We could all use a cat with a particular set of skills in our life, especially one used to being around people that isn’t an anti-social jerk. So if you’d like to adopt Bell, shoot a Facebook message to the cat lover here, and then get ready to say goodbye to any mice in your life.

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