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A chance to work at real desk, for a day

Coworking, live and direct.

We’re told that you folks with day jobs often work at things called “desks” that have ample power supplies and aren’t covered with this morning’s breakfast dishes. For those of us who want just a taste of of not working 10 feet from where we sleep, you’ll be happy to know that 3rd Ward’s new coworking space is offering you one free day through Jan. 31. The space includes fully loaded iMac workstations, free Intelligentsia coffee, free wifi, printing, scanning and the chance to mingle with other co-coworkers, as in, real people who are not your cat. UPDATE: Bitmap is also hosting free days today and tomorrow. RSVP to reserve a spot. The offers are part of JELLYWEEK 2012, an event that highlights coworkers around the world to promote collaboration. Just check in with the desk manager or RSVP to claim your free day.

 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave., Williamsburg.
Bitmap, 300 Graham Ave., Williamsburg. 

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