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5 cozy fall classes, from foliage photography to knitting to… zombie terrariums

You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai
You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai

It’s Fall, y’all. The leaves are changing, and so are you! This is a season of wistful endings and new beginnings, not to mention the gratuitous imbibing of pumpkin beer. And in order to help make sure you’re taking full advantage of the autumn hour, we rounded up 5 of the falliest fall courses worth checking out on CourseHorse.

In addition to teaching you valuable life skills like cooking, knitting and what-have-you, booking any of these courses through us helps keep the wheels on the Brokesmobile a-turning. Hey, it’s a karmic boost and a new talent all wrapped up in one!

Nothing ushers in the cold weather like a good soup dumpling. Fluffy, delicate and filled with broth, the soup dumpling might seem like a thing best left to experts—but lucky you, a master chef and the folks at Brooklyn Kitchen are willing to pass along the secret! Join Hey There, Dumpling‘s Kenny Lao for a soup dumpling workshop and learn to cook ’em yourself. Just think, for a mere $85, you could be the hit of every goddamn potluck you go to this fall & winter.

Looking to up your photo game for the most picturesque season of the year? Look no further than BKC Brooklyn Central’s Capture Autumn, a photography class geared towards beginner and intermediate photographers looking to master their color technique and composition. You and your class will spend a few hours in Prospect Park becoming a master at capturing the foliage, and it’ll only put you out $65. Bring your DSLR.

It’s almost Halloween, and that means you’re going to want to learn to make zombie terrariums to adorn the household. Yep, you heard right: join Brooklyn Craft Company for an evening with the miniature undead. No “braaaaaaains!” necessary. For $75, they’ll provide all the supplies you need to create and take home your very own zombie-in-a-jar. You’ll also get to sip on small-batch spirits (get it?) from Duke’s Liquor Box.

DIY doesn’t have to be spooky, though — you could always just learn how to knit, since that’ll come in handy when it’s time to put on a hat, scarf and mittens every time you go outside. Spend a few evenings with Brooklyn General Store learning to make stuff out of yarn. They’ll teach you to cast on and off, stitch in a variety of ways, and problem-solve mid-skein. $140 gets you 3 two-hour sessions, and you’ll walk out the envy of all your crafty friends. Yes, even the ones with Etsy accounts.

And this wouldn’t be a Fall roundup if we didn’t include something pumpkin-spiced, so savor this sweet deal: a pumpkin dessert workshop with Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg! The bakery subsect of David Chang’s famed restaurant hosts this 2-hour intensive baking workshop where you’ll learn how to make Momofuku’s candied seeds, rich ganaches and decadent truffles, all for a mere $95. Best part? After all’s said and baked, you get to take home everything you made — and that includes a 6″ cake.

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