Save money at Chavela’s AND help a Crown Heights school

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Will this be on the test?

If you’re a PTA member trying to raise money for your child’s school, we suppose you can go the normal route and have a bake sale. But that takes a lot of baking, and who has time for that? And anyway, you’re in Brooklyn, land of everyone wanting to be neighborly, so why not get say, a local restaurant to offer a coupon, like PS 705 parents got Chavela’s to? Yep, you can grab a coupon that gets you $40 worth of food for $30, and a bunch of the money will go towards a neighborhood school. Win/win!

PS 705’s PTA is trying to raise money for its school arts program, because the world of the future always needs another indie rock band with members that actually know how to, y’know, play their instruments. And since it’s in Crown Heights, the PTA asked Chavela’s to help, and what do you know, they did.

That means 40 percnet of the money, or $12 of every $30 coupon, will go towards the goal of teaching kids the arts. Because who else is going to pay for public school arts programs, the City of New York? Don’t be crazy. Plus, if the city actually did what it should be doing, would you be getting a deal on delicious Mexican food?

Chavela’s is at Franklin and Sterling Place in Crown Heights.

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