25 under $25, No. 8: Bike, be seen, be feared

Biking is a great way to get around Brooklyn, and while it can be fun, it hardly ever is. Part of the reason for that is all the hills, but you can’t do anything about that for your cyclist loved/liked one unless you become an expert at terraforming. The main factor sucking the fun out of biking though, is that it’s a jungle on those streets. Which I mean in the most literal way possible: people here drive as well as you’d expect a lion or zebra to handle a car. Like for example when some double parked jerk who isn’t paying attention almost smashes into you while you go around them, and she then yells “I didn’t see you so it’s not my fault.” So throw some fear into those bastards with these spiffy and badass LED bike lights. They’ll help you be seen, make drivers think twice about cutting you off and lights are required by law anyway, so you may as well be law-abiding in style. $8 for a set of two from A&G

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