25 gifts under $25, No. 5: Truth serum

Maybe your little brother is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Let’s say he watched that documentary on Netflix and tried to persuade your whole family over Thanksgiving dinner that it was an inside job. What you’d do is get this Truth Serum, hunt down George Tenet, give it to him and then ask him all the questions you want so your little brother will shut up already. Of course, we suggest starting out with easier questions and working your way up to the conspiracy theories. Here are some things we’d like to ask people. Donald Trump, is that your real hair? Abe from Breaking Amish, are you Rebecca’s baby daddy? Mom, who’s your favorite child?  Victoria, do you really have a secret?

Other super power tonics available include mind control, antidote, intuition, magnetism, justice and reflex. Aardvark Bros. Tonics, $11.25 at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., 372 5th Ave.


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