25 gifts under $25 No. 24: Whiskey stones


What’s the worst part about a glass of whiskey? Well, OK, yeah, finishing it and not having any whiskey left in it. But the second worst part? Having it on the rocks and first having the ice make it too cold, and then racing against the clock to finish it before the ice melts and dilutes it. It’s like, have a little human kindness, frozen water, we’re trying to enjoy our drink here. But with these nifty soapstone cubes from Uncommon Goods, water leaking into your precious, precious booze will be a concern of the past. And don’t worry, despite it’s name “soapstone” has nothing to do with the hygienic product, it’s just called that because it’s so easy to carve. Into say, ice cube substitutes for whiskey. Just store these guys in your freezer and take them out whenever you need them to get your whiskey down to the perfect drinking temperature. Which is apparently 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The more you know. Whiskey stones, $19.50 for a set of six, available from Uncommon Goods

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