25 gifts under $25 No. 23: Big Cats calendar 2013

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Once I heard a story about a girl who got pinned down by a big cat who fell asleep on her tent. So cute, right? Like a kitty purring at the foot of your bed only 10-100 times bigger and more dangerous. This big cat calendar is a good pick for friends who would love to spend the night with a wild animal, every night of the year. Each of these drawings depicts a different fuzz face with an attitude. You’ve got proud lions, pouty looking cougars, alert ocelots, and sultry looking clouded leopards. Hand drawn in B-town by Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design. Each purchase sends a few bucks to Panthera.org, which supports the survival of big cats. Big Cats calendar 2013, available at Spoonbill and Sugartown (218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg) for $22, Screech Owl Design for $24 

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