25 gifts under $25, No. 16: 3 dimensions of money

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Costs less than seeing Avatar even.

Even before they made this Mighty Wallet in 3D (which will make your money look bigger than it really is!) we were already devoted fans for two clutch reasons: 1) the expandable back pocket is the perfect place to store both your business cards and Metrocard, making them readily accessible to whip out of your pocket like a savvy city magician without even having to take out the whole wallet; and 2) The cool, arty designs don’t look like a wallet, meaning that the time it fell out of our pocket while biking home drunk one time, it sat on the street like a common pile of trash until we found it the next day. It’s a guaranteed great way to take your relationship with your favorite cute cashier into new dimensions.

$15, available at Powerhouse Arena, Owl and Thistle, and lots of other stores.

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