25 gifts under $25, No. 15: Show off your plants

You’re such a greenthumb. Your plants never die. You’re like the Mother Goose of plants. Ok, I’m a little jealous because I always buy plants  with the best intentions and then I over water them (or something?) and they perish and I throw them away, blaming the shitty Williamsburg air, but save the pots under the sink, just waiting until I become a better gardner. My mom would be ashamed. If you’re good at plants or know someone who is, then why not get them a wearable planter? This tiny little necklace is the perfect place to carry a clipping from your favorite succulent all day long. The Etsy store also sells  flower pots for your bike, lapel and totebags. You couldn’t be any more Portlandia and adorable. $20 via Wearable Planters.

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