25 gifts under $25, No. 14: Oh, deer

Fun fact: this was never a prop in a Wes Anderson movie

What is it about animals dressed as people? It must remind us how far we’ve come from the days when we would pick nits out of each other’s hair and communicate through grunts and gargles. Whatever it is, putting a dress on a deer and then slapping that on a mug makes for a gift that just screams of domesticity. The mug, from local faves A&G Merch, makes you forget you live in a place where most of the wildlife consists of squirrels and conjures images of lush forests and bucolic streams. Of course, then you remember your hillbilly neighbors and ruin the entire fantasy. Got recently married friends? Or two living in sin together? Or even just two people you’re trying to passive-aggressively push into a relationship? The mugs comes in both man deer and lady deer editions, and at at twelve bucks each, the two are perfect as a set. $12, available here and here

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