25 gifts under $25, No. 14: A new indi(e) book

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Her/His heart won’t say whatever to a book from Emily Books! The recently launched e-venture — a collaboration between Brooklynite bffs Emily Gould and Ruth Curry — is an indie bookstore and book club in e-form. The super-curated stock focuses on under-appreciated, woman-centric titles; so far: Emily Carter’s Glory Goes and Gets Some, Eileen Myles’ Inferno (a poet’s novel), and Ellen Willis’ No More Nice Girls, with one new release each month. Also, it’s not Amazon, and they hold related book events each month too. If this were “Gifts Under $160,” we’d say you should buy the annual subscription, which would get you the latest installment automatically delivered every month (a CSA for books!), but for now, we’ll go with the $15 book-of-your-recipient’s-choosing gift certificate.

$15, Emily Books online.

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