25 Gifts under $25, No. 11: Baseball postcards

Mustaches and baseball, a love older than time

Indulge me for a moment while I get all Ken Burns here, but baseball is encoded in America’s DNA. It was the dominant sport of our golden age, and as such, is the sport that gets looked back on most fondly in the world of weepy retrospectives. America’s long love affair with the game extended to collecting baseball cards, and a local artist has taken up her brush to put her spin on them. Left Field Cards are handpainted postcards modeled after baseball cards. Instead of going with just any players though, artist Amelie Mancini focuses on wordplay, mustaches, odd second chapters in players’ lives and bizarre injuries, among other themes. The players span every team and time period from the game, although local heroes Don Mattingly and the way better Keith Hernandez have their righteous 80s mustaches featured. The postcards are $15 for a pack of six. If you know a baseball fan, they’re likely to at least partially view the game through the prism of nostalgia and childlike innocence, which these cards nail perfectly. $15.99, available at Left Field Cards

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