25 gifts for $25, No. 18: Emergency ‘drinking water’ flask


Let’s be honest, what emergency are you more likely to run into in this miracle age of potable water for all: a lack of water or a lack of whiskey? And don’t think being without whiskey isn’t an emergency. From outdoor movies to giant new stadiums, even at neighborhood spots that you’re just too broke to spend a lot at, a flask of whiskey can turn a pedestrian night into the same blacked out blur everyone else is after, and the folks at the aptly-named Drinking Buddy can help you get there. We’d suggest being careful not to get caught with this fine specimen at a place with any pat downs though, it’d be a shame to lose it to an overzealous security guard. Maybe just tell them that it was passed down to you from your family’s fallout shelter. After all there’s no reason not to try take advantage of the throwback design. $20, from Etsy

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