25 gifts under $25, No. 7: NYC Taxi Drivers Beefcake Calendar!

nyc taxi drivers calendar

One of the reasons New York is so great is that in plenty of neighborhoods, you don’t need to own a car. But when it’s raining, you’ve got things to transport or your subway line is down, the humble taxi driver is there to pick your non-car owning self up from your decision. And not only do they drive you where you need to go, they’ll shoot the shit with you and make your ride that much more interesting. So what better way to pay tribute to the cabbies of our lives than buying a taxi driver beefcake calendar, so that cabbies can always be with you?

Here’s a fun fact: Brokelyn was founded thanks to the generosity of a deceased cabbie (this is true), so maybe we’re a little biased in this situation. But we think cabbies are great, and absolutely deserving of this sexy calendar, made by Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin. And not only does this full color calendar come with one full year of New York’s hunkiest cabbies showing you their sensitive, hardworking and party sides (above), 100% of the proceeds goes to University Settlement, New York’s oldest settlement house that works to help immigrant families and working people. And maybe you should carry this on your person if you buy it, so you can get an autograph if one of these men will pick you up in their cab one day. $14.99, online




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