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25 gifts under $25, No. 5: ‘How Not to Be A Dick’

how not to be a dick
Learn why you shouldn’t do this, if you didn’t already know

Good manners are important, especially if you spend all day on the internet being a professional jerk. Of course, why get your professional etiquette advice from some fossilized manners guide when you can be guided through our weird and and its social mores by someone closer to your age? Our own Meghan Doherty wrote and illustrated that very guide so that you can be sure of the right thing to do, or buy it for a younger sibling or cousin to let them know about the world that’s waiting for them.

How Not to Be A Dick offers advice on how to deal with mundane things like office meetings, on more important things like dating and lessons on subway etiquette that even middle-aged New Yorkers could probably stand to be reminded of, coupled with illustrated examples of what you should and shouldn’t do. With simple and useful advice like “Pee in the toilet, not ths shower” and “Think before you speak” (easy to forget), it’s an etiquette guide that deserves to live on with the Post Institute books of the world. $16.99 at WORD, and other fine independent Brooklyn booksellers

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