25 gifts under $25, No. 22: Brooklyn Block by Block print!

block by block print

Brooklyn is old. We’re talking Brooklyn is old it sat next to Jesus in the third grade. Brooklyn is so old it was crankily telling Thomas Edison to turn down his dang phonograph racket. Of course, most of us don’t see Brooklyn’s age as a liability, we see it as fascinating evidence in favor of Brooklyn’s awesomeness. Clearly we weren’t alone, the folks at longform local journalism site BKLYNR thought so as well, which is why they made that awesome map showing the age of each building in Brooklyn.

That map was so popular that they’ve turned it into an 18″ x 24″ print that you can put up on your wall. Find your block on there and see how old it is. Or drunkenly take a date home and make fun of him for living on a newer block than you. Well, don’t do that actually. Also! The $24 poster comes with a complimentary three-month subscription to BKLYNR so that you can stay hyper-informed on some great longform reads. Brooklyn Block by Block print, $24, from Etsy

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