25 gifts under $25, No. 20: Bushwick Happy Hour prints!

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Cocktails are classy affairs (except for the ones I make, maybe). Knowing about cocktails is classy as well. So how could you go wrong with a piece of art that shows off a cocktail made at your local bar? Here’s the answer: you can’t, and that’s why you should get someone one of these Bushwick Happy Hour prints for just ten bucks. Sure you friend might tell you she’d rather have the drink, but with a gift this cheap, you’ll have enough left over for one.

The four 10″ x 8″ prints you can choose from cover drinks offered at The Narrows, Dear Bushwick, Miles and Mominette and all come in classical-looking red and blue font. They also come with the ingredients you need for each drink, but not the exact method you need to make them. Not that that’s such a bad thing. Experimenting with cocktails just means a good excuse to drink. Bushwick Happy Hour prints, $10, bigcartel.com

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