25 gifts under $25, No. 18: 3D printed clip-on vase!

clip on vase

We’ve all been there: You’re meeting someone on a date; they come to pick you up and bring flowers. You automatically have a panic attack: where on Earth are you going to put these things? You don’t have a vase. Your apartment is filled with Ikea furniture that you found on the free Craigslist listings.

You couldn’t avoid the embarrassment, but you can certainly help a fellow ladyfriend out by buying her a clip-on vase topper designed by Aleksander Dimitrov, that fits any glass with a diameter of 83-86mm (shown fitting an Ikea glass on the website). It’s aesthetically pleasing, and will hold a few fresh flowers either from your hot date, or just those flowers you grabbed at the supermarket on the way home to make your apartment look a little more cheerful. $13.65 from

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