25 gifts under $25, No. 15: Chalkboard scented candles!


Sometimes you need to find the perfect gift for someone you hardly know. Did you draw that random intern’s name for the office gift exchange? Does your new boyfriend have a new stepmom that you need to impress? What do you do in this situation? Get them a scented candle of course!

Mine Design’s Chalkboard Candles come in an unsealed gift box with a piece of chalk for you to add your own personalized message or drawing. These clean burning soy candles are available in scents like ‘Persian Fig’, ‘Almond Milk’ and ‘Lemongrass’. Your hastily scrawled message of “You light up my day!” will trick the recipient into thinking you are more thoughtful than you actually are. This lucky near-stranger can erase and re-write messages as many time as they like, which will come in handy when they regift this to their Great Aunt Selma next year. Chalkboard scented candle, $25, Items of Interest (60 5th. Ave, Park Slope)

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