25 gifts under $25, No. 14: A merry melodica!


If you’re going to start a band that’s going to be the next Arcade Fire, or the next Neutral Milk Hotel or the next I’m From Barcelona, you’re gonna need something to make you stand out. Not a gimmick, per se, but just something that says “aodrable, indie but still musicians.” So how about a melodica, which combines the woodwind charm of the clarinet with the playing style of the piano? You can get one on sale for $24.95 from the Brooklyn Music Factory.

This humble melodica could also vault you into YouTube superstardom. The above video has FOUR MILLION views, all because everyone knows how funny melodicas are if you can’t actually play one. Of course, even if you’re not in the market for indie rock or YouTube superstardom, a melodica is a great instrument to have at parties, both because anyone knows how to blow and bang on things. Also because it’ll be harder for your drunk friend to break this than an acoustic guitar. $24.99 at

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