25 gifts under $25, No. 13: Small batch hot sauce!

A + B pepper sauce

You can never have too much hot sauce, my father used to tell me. Well, he didn’t, but that doesn’t make the thought behind it untrue. And why should your hot sauce have to travel many hundreds of miles to reach you, when you can just get a bottle of it that’s mixed up here in New York, like A&B’s pepper sauce is?

We’ve got a worldwide Sriracha shortage coming anyway, so it’s about time you found a new thing to slather on your bland tasteless food on days when you want something cheap. And we say this pepper sauce fits the bill, especially since the people who make it throw in the wrinkle of using carrots to sweeten it instead of sugar. Carrots! Carrots are healthy and good for you, ergo, this pepper sauce is good for you! $13 at The One Well (165 Greenpoint Avenue)

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