25 gifts under $25, No. 12: Cocktail dice!

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The worst part about going to a bar with fancy cocktails is that unless you know exactly what you want, the “What’ll it be?” question can leave you paralyzed with inaction. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help, by pointing you in the direction of these lovely cocktail dice, for sale at Park Slope’s Cog & Pearl (190 5th Avenue). What are cocktail dice? They’re a set of 8 6-sided dice with every liquor, mixer, garnish, mixing method and barware you could think of, so that you can just leave your drink choice up the hands of fate.

These are great to make a Tinder date at The Narrows more fun, to challenge your mixing skillz at home or to use in a party setting. Just about the only situation these aren’t good for are if you’re mixing up a batch of Glug, because what are the odds that all the dice land liquor-side up? Don’t answer that, math majors. $18, at Cog & Pearl, 190 5th Avenue, Park Slope

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