$25-and-under gift idea #5: a Brokelyn t-shirt

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Still searching for that perfect gift? We’ve rolled out our brand-spanking-new crop of Brokelyn t-shirts, and just in time for the holidays. Sure, plugging them in our under-$25 Brooklyn gift series is just slightly self-promotional, but a) they are well under $25, b) they practically say the word “Brook(e)lyn” and c) they are that rare gift beloved by hipsters and total dorks alike (we should know). The new seasonal bunch, logo courtesy of our shmancy designers, the Heads of State, includes a grey black & white in short-sleeve ($15); and our first venture past the elbow with red and brown long-sleeve versions ($18) for the many brisk evenings ahead (did we hear something about snow for tomorrow night?). So, this holiday, consider our new look for yourself, your loved ones or, at the very least, to help rid the world of these.

Read all about our $25-and-under gift series here, and if you’re a merchant, local craftsperson or a reader with a great find for this daily post, please send photos and descriptions to faye [at] brokelyn [dot] com.


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