$25 and under gift # 4: rap-history poster

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From Ad Rock to Wu-Tang

Do you need a gift that says both “happy holidays” and “you mean nearly as much to me as Doug E. Fresh, Kid ‘N’ Play, Wu-Tang Clan and Big Daddy Kane combined?”

As part of our quest to find local gifts for under $25 this season, we were turned on to this poster, The History of Rap, from Halcyon the Shop in DUMBO. It’s the perfect gift for the person in your life who celebrates Christmas in Hollis, or who likes to holla at some Hanukkah with ODB (“Hey, dirty, baby I got your gelt…”) The poster features sketches of 469 of hip hop’s most important figures in approximate chronological order (going as far back as Cab Calloway and James Brown), with trading-card style information on the back. And lest you think artist Kagan McLeod is just some sucka MC, he’s got a Flickr pool of the real-life versions of the rappers holding the poster. Find it along with other music, art and DJ-centric gear at Halcyon the Shop, 57 Pearl St., 718-260-9299. (Click the arrow below to see the whole poster).

Read about our new $25-and-under gift series here, and if you’re a merchant, local craftsperson or a reader with a great find for this daily post, please send photos and descriptions to faye [at] brokelyn [dot] com.Picture 18

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