$25 and under gift No. 5: Anarchy in a Jar

Photo from the Haystack Needle

Today’s entry, Anarchy in a Jar jam, is our first from a writing-in, Brokelyn-tee-winning gift scout. (Congratulations, Anne!) These BK-made jams, jellies and preserves come in what Anne calls “interesting flavors your Midwestern family members haven’t seen before.” And with varieties like “Boozy Apple Preserves with rum-soaked currants, cardamom & blood orange” and “Lime and Pandan Marmalade,” we’re inclined to agree (here’s pandan, because we know you’re wondering too). The many out-there flavors come in 4-ounce jars and usually run $5-$6 depending on where you buy. They’re available at Market in Ditmas Park, Greene Grape Provisions in Fort Greene, BK Farmacy in Carroll Gardens and other spots around the borough. But if you can’t make it out, don’t worry—your fruity spreads can be biked(!) directly to your door.

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